Login form using Spring MVC part 1

For Energy Billing System I want to add login screen for the user that will be displayed before access to user panel. The user can enter username and password, click submit button to proceed the login. For this purpose, I create a simple database in mysql.

Create a table called: users, by using fallowing sql:

Checking information about table that we created:

Added two records into users table:

Now in a database, we should have two records. Next step is to create a model class. This Entity is mapped to the “users” table.

Created DAO class interface:

For now is a small part of login implementation. In the next post, I will present complete implementation.


100 Days of Code – second edition

In 2016/04/10 I start 100 days of code challenge. It was not easy and I almost have done it. Almost it means that one day stays without commit. But happy information is that 99 days was with at least one commit. I was a very busy time for me. I learn a lot, especially how to code in Python. But this one-day caused that this whole challenge it does not count. So from today I start again nex, the second edition 100 days of code challenge. Rules are the same.


As we can see in above picture there is the screenshot from my GitHub account from today.

100 Days of Code – challenge

About 100 days of code first time I read on this blog. Then I start to read more, and I find John Rasing blog and Richard Littauer post on Medium. I think it’s a great idea. Basically, I need some challenge, because I a lite bit lazy in recent times and my learning and coding progress is a bit pure.

I put below screen picture from my current GitHub account:

Zrzut ekranu 2016-04-10 o 23.36.36

As you can see, there is no great progress for a few days. Longest streak took 7 days, contributions in total : 99 repos.

Rules for 100 days of code are simple:

  1. writing  code every single day
  2. all code must be written before midnight
  3. code must be up on GitHub
  4. written code must be useful (comments, reformatting, refactoring does not count)
  5. written code can’t be related to work, must be created in spare time, after hours (probably during nights, a day has only 24 hours)

Personally, I think that with coding every day is like a writing every day for the professional writer, it’s a big part of his life. The same like for example skilled craftsman who sculpts something in wood, inch by inch,  minute by minute, day by day …

I know that will not be easy to find a balance between work/life and side projects. Probably I will find some tools/apps to better manage my time and be more productive.

Something that I afraid is to stick with some problem to solve for a long of time and don’t have an idea to write a solution.

What I hope to achieve ?  Programming becomes a daily habit and hopes to continue it as long as I can.

I start from today 😉

Pet project for: “Daj się poznać” second edition.

Potted Plant-50During a past few days I wondered over my pet project to: Daj się poznać competition. It was a very hard period of time because of number ideas coming into my mind. Some might ask why it was so hard    with choose appropriate idea. The answer is simple, everything is connected with time I have and I can devote to self-development.

I figured that I create simple applications on android that allows user to control device in the form of a small greenhouse for plants. Getting data from the box of the container itself. Irrigation control and opening the upper flaps. This small greenhouse is available in many shops networks for allotment, only part with glass and frames. I can easily buy online. If I can’t buy one,  which is highly unlikely, especially since it is getting closer to spring, it will build one myself. Definitely it will require few modifications, but this is to be done.

List of things to do:

  • rework / construction of mini greenhouses
  • adding sensors with microcontroller
  • design of irrigation systems
  • write applications for android
  • writing service for monitoring data online
  • invent an elegant solution to the communication of a whole greenhouse
  • write code which works
  • perform tests
  • a little penetration testing and evil hacks – this can be fun 🙂

For sure the first part will not be made quickly, because of a several issues about whom I will try to write later, more technically.

Idea for this project it’s really related t IoT – Internet of things. I will use agile methodology to describe all steps, or steps that will appear during develop my idea project.

Link to my project on GitHub.

What I would like to achieve ? – And this is very good question 😉 First of all I want to learn new technology:

  • android
  • WebServices
  • IoT
  • communication protocol
  • test frameworks that allows to perform automation in IoT field
  • some basic stuff about security – it’s more then fun
  • do something useful


  • document my progress
  • use git
  • have more fun

Second edition of: “Daj się poznać”

Maciej Aniserowicz started second edition: ‘Daj się poznać’ – polish competition for programmers. Everyone who want’s to enroll, has time to first of March. First one was started in 2010. According to me a lot of people started blogging then (72 people have come forward to participate in: ‘Daj się poznać’ project. 22 of them actually conscientiously work on the project, publishing at least 20 entries for the created system).

Rules of project: create any programming project you like, technology is no important. But very important is that to learn something, contribute to the community, share your code and feel the power of programming. Also as participant you must to write post two times a week in your blog. If you don’t have any, you should create one ;).

Probably I also participate to this contest. But now I looking for some god ideas and also I thinking about technology. Choice is not easy. I hesitate between: IoT, mobile technologies/mobile robotics and web services. After all, I must hurry, two days left to close applications.