Get Notice 2017

An interesting idea has been spread in polish software development world. Recently is called “Let them know you” (“Daj się poznać” in Polish). It’s all about developing an open-source project and blogging to share the knowledge about this. Last year I also participate in this event but from lack of a time, I didn’t finish my project. I hope that in this year I will be able to complete my project as I planned.

What this mean for me and especially for others?

For me, it’s a time to challenge myself with creating something to solve one simple problem. And for others make live easier. Another thing I would like to achieve is to return to writing. A few years ago when I was 17 years old I started with the first blog. It was not pretty much easy for me. So after a few posts, I closed my blog. Then I didn’t know the value od sharing of knowledge. Currently, I approach things a little different.

I don’t like to guess how much I will have to pay my bills in a given quartal or first/second half of the year. In the other hand, no one likes to pay bills. Especially high bills which nowadays it’s not easy. Please imagine that suddenly comes a high electric or consumed water bill. We don’t need to imagine because it usually is. So how to be prepared? How to reduce consumption? How to compare consumption with the previous billing periods?

A solution is an application that can allow users to check a status of used energy in each time. Compare how much energy has been consumed in each month.

I think that such an application can be helpful and will help solve one basic problem, namely notifies you of the charges on the present day user. Unfortunately, this is already on the side of us will lay what do we do with this information. Do you start to save and manage their resources wisely, or we will be wasteful.

In this project, I want to use Java, Spring, R language to data visualization and also python. Probably there will be the android application, but for now, I want to concentrate on core application.

  • Artur “ekhart” Dębkowski

    every kind of tracking is really valuable. Especially when it comes to saving money or time. Fingers crossed for your project.
    Kind regards,
    Artur “ekhart” Dębkowski

    • Thanks Artur, for me it’s also some big think. I’m trying to lear a lot and even when I can to apply knowledge to solve a specific problem it’s win – win situation.