Raspberry pi 3 and LCD TFT 3,2” 320x240px GPIO

A few days ago I bought a LCD TFT 3.2 ” 320x240px GPIO my Raspbbery pi 3. After unpacking and application LCD TFT 3.2 ” 320x240px for GPIO GPIO pins raspberry in the screen light up a bright light but not seen at all boot the system, or even Raspbian desktop. After formatting the SD card and re-uploading Raspbian still I had the same problem. I started to look for solutions and it turned out that the manufacturer of TFT LCD 3.2 ” 320x240px GPIO controller provides the Raspbian – some older version. It even has the iso image with a preinstalled driver.  Despite the changes in the configuration: raspi-config and rebooting system problem with the display of anything still remained unresolved.

Below aI put some steps that help to run and use LCD TFT 3,2” 320x240px GPIO.

  • Expand Filesystem
  • Select from Boot Options: B4 Desktop Autologin Desktop GUI, automatically logged in as ‘pi’ user
  • From Advanced Options choose:
    • AA GPIO Server
  • Download driver from manufacturer web page
    • Driver
    • Unzip zip file:
      tar xvf <file>
    • Go to: LCD-show catalog
    • Run:
  • Reboot system

After this steps, we should see desktop displayed on the screen. It takes me some time to figure out that documentation doesn’t say about one step, run GPIO Server. It should be obvious but for a person, that first time tries to use LCD it not very clear. And one more thing is better to just install new Raspbian on SD card and download and install driver, then download iso image with preinstalled driver. From my experience, only one iso image that I download was booting.